I must admit I’m a recent Flawless convert, but it was love at first facial. Besides choosing one that helped me bust acne, the little details made all the difference.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on October 30, 2015
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I’ve told you before in this blog that I’m the type who doesn’t really go for a facial regularly; I’m low maintenance that way. So I guess you can say that I only accidentally discovered recently how awesome facials are at Flawless, considering how the beauty brand has been around for so long—and I’ve been featuring beauty brands for over seven years.


I personally love how pink Flawless interiors are.

The first time I discovered their facials was when I was in Megamall looking for a place to get a Brazilian wax and saw that Flawless actually offered it. At P600, it’s cheaper than the waxing salon I usually go to in BGC, so I decided to give it a try. I had time to kill and I had period breakouts, so I allowed the ladies at reception to upsell me the Flawless Acne Control Facial. On my first visit, I just tried the Regular version, since it’s cheaper at P625 than the Acne Control Advanced Facial, which is P980.


My treatment bed in the common area

Then recently, since I was suffering period breakouts AGAIN, I decided to go back for another facial. This time, I availed of the free consultation with their in-house doctor so she can recommend the right facial for my skin. TIP: Make sure you come without makeup, so the doctor can really get a good look at your skin. Allot a little over an hour to include both consultation and facial. Dr. Rowena Marcos recommended I try the Acne Control Advanced Facial this time, since I told her I’ve already tried the regular version.

Basically what sets the Acne Control Advanced Facial apart is its use of a thick Green Oxygenating Mask that covers the whole face. It targets acne-causing bacteria and delivers healing and soothing effects on skin, lessening the redness/inflammation on your face, and it’s more relaxing because of the cooling effect. Besides these, it pretty much has the same effect as the regular version. You also get services like removal of whiteheads and pricking of pimples (optional) in both versions. Both are sulit naman, so I personally think either option is good.


The hygienic pouch for the disposable facial kit

Pimple-fighting effects aside, what I particularly like about my Flawless facials are the little details that truly set them apart. For one, they have a guaranteed hygienic SOP for their disposable facial kit that I even had to sign to make sure it’s unopened before they used it. The pouch contains a headband, cotton, towel, gauze, needle for pricking, tissue, and extractor, all disposed of after use on you—you can be sure they always use new tools.


Disposable facial kit contents

There are little touches that go over and beyond the facial, like heated mittens and scented oil to put you in a relaxing mood before and during the facial. These differentiate Flawless from the other beauty clinics that I’ve tried, considering how affordable Flawless treatments already are. I list the steps of the Acne Control Facial below so you can compare just how much more pampering you get from your facial at Flawless than in other beauty clinics you go to.


The machines used for the facial beside my treatment bed

1. The facialist made me inhale three times lavender essential oil for relaxation. I love the scent and how it put me in the proper mood for an hour of pampering.

2. The therapist washed my face then wiped off the foam.

3. Next she applied Aloe E to soften and prep my pores for pricking.

4. My face was steamed for 10 minutes while my eyes were covered with wet cotton eye pads.

5. While getting steamed, the therapist sprayed my hands with alcohol, then wrapped them in a hot moist pack and mittens for relaxation and blood circulation. I wore them for two minutes, then once removed, I was given a hand massage. I haven’t heard of any other clinics that do this.

6. Deep-seated dirt on my face were removed with a vacuum.

7. Green tea toner, whose scent is so relaxing, was applied before and after extraction of whiteheads, blackheads, and pricking of zits, if any (optional).


While my face was getting pricked, I distracted myself by staring at Flawless Megamall’s pink ceiling with pretty lamps that provide ambient lighting (and yes, taking this photo).

8. The facialist covered my face in gauze so when running the laser over my skin, it can glide easily and not stick. Laser is meant to close and tighten pores, disinfect skin, and reduce swelling and redness from extracted/pricked areas and zits.

9. Multivatimin serum, which improves skin texture and has anti-aging benefits and antioxidants, was applied on my face.

10. The gel mask was brushed layer by layer onto my face, and was left on for 15-20 minutes. The mask in the Advanced version covers the eyes. It’s meant to reduce redness and swelling and it really feels so cool on my skin, I felt a little jolt when it was first applied. This thick, peel-off, gel mask from the US soothed pricked areas and made it easier to treat and dry pimples. It’s in the mask that the Advanced and Regular Acne Control Facials differ, as the Regular version’s just dries to a thin plastic mask made locally. But like the advanced mask, it also dries acne and has antiseptic properties. I also remember a collagen mask being applied on my neck to address sagging skin when I got my Acne Control Regular Facial.

11. Toward the end of those 15-20 minutes, the therapist gave me a back and shoulder massage.

12. The facial ended with the application of anti-inflammatory cream all over my face to further reduce redness and swelling. The therapist reminded me not to wet my face for eight hours, and that I can come back after at least two weeks for the same facial if needed.


Here’s how my face looked post-facial (with lipstick still intact, hehe).

Flawless has branches all over the country. Check out flawless.com.ph for the branch nearest you. I went to the branch in SM Megamall, at the 5th Floor of Building B. You may contact them at 0917-5954429 to set an appointment.

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