I dropped by this aesthetic clinic in Makati one weekend to try their signature facial and mask, and it really changed my skin. One of the effects is lightening my dark spots. Read all about it here.
Beauty | By Trixie Reyna on October 16, 2015
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Every girl needs to get a facial once in a while. Some people do it weekly, others once a month. I do it just occasionally, usually when I want to address a particular skin concern like breakouts or dullness; I’ve only had two or three facials this year, and we’re already in the last quarter of 2015. That’s how rarely I get one. So I make sure I get a good one.

Recently, Skintology president and co-founder Maia Pega contacted me and recommended I try two of their aesthetic clinic’s signature facial treatments: the Total Beauty Package (P1,200), which is a combination of several facial treatments, and the popular Carboxy Gel Mask (P1,100).

It was the first time I’ve heard of Skintology, so I was surprised to find out that I have been walking by it all these times when on my way to where I do yoga in Makati. It’s just right along L.P. Leviste Road in Salcedo Village—perfect for those who work in the Makati CBD.

Skintology Aesthetics Clinic offers an array of quality skincare solutions and state-of-the-art skincare technology to help give clients the best experience and results. Their service menu includes facial and body services, dermatological and non-invasive procedures, as well as whitening and slimming programs. They do diamond peels, IPL, RF and cavitation, IV/IM programs, facial mask packages, peels for face and body, non-surgical facial contouring with fillers, and more. The also have special Laser Treatments by Cutera, which I will blog more about soon on a separate post.


Skintology consultation area

I was immediately put at ease about trying these two face treatments Maia recommended because she also arranged a consultation with their in-house doctor, Dr. Bryan Uy-Barretta, MD, who is also Skintology’s Vice President and Managing Director. Dr. Bryan explained the benefits of the treatments I would be trying, some disclaimers, as well as recommend in-house skincare products that I can use for maintenance. He also regularly checked on me as I was getting the facial treatments done by one of their therapists.

I recount the steps of my face pampering in detail below:

1. Makeup removal and face cleansing

2. Facial steam for 10 minutes

3. The therapist used a tiny vacuum to remove whiteheads from my pores.

4. The therapist applied aloe vera gel to moisturize my face using galvanic treatment that rejuvenates skin. The gel smelled good and had a cooling sensation. The galvanic treatment’s flickering light and electricity released negative and positive ions (one after the other, in two rounds) to stimulate collagen production while the aloe vera gel is massaged into my skin, as I held a thin and short metal rod. There’s a slight sting, but it’s tolerable.


This machine with the many rods and contraptions used throughout the facial.

5. The therapist then gave me a relaxing face massage so the aloe vera gel will be better absorbed by my skin.

6. Next she applied Vitamin E cream to moisturize my skin some more. This richer cream also has a gentle fragrance that relaxes. It was massaged into my skin with the use of ionotherapy, the effect of which is skin firming. It gives off a warm sensation and helps skin absorb the cream better because of its temperature. This is followed by another face massage, yay!

7. I was given a diamond peel to remove dead skin cells.

8. This step in my face pampering is not part of Total Beauty Package, but after my diamond peel, the therapist put the Carboxy Gel Mask, an herbal, all-in-one mask from Korea that helps brighten and rejuvenate skin, minimize pores, lessen fine lines, and neutralize skin whatever your type: it moisturizes dry skin, lessens oil on oily skin, and dries acne fast.

First, the therapist applied the gel, which is like fluid, onto skin. Then she pressed a cloth mask that has herbal fiber and a funny smell onto my face. As she does this, it foams and pops, and it really does have this warm sting. Mahapdi talaga, especially on my cheeks, but, well, tiis ganda. It was left on my face for 20 minutes, after which the mask and gel was removed with a warm wet towel to soothe my skin.

Dr. Bryan warned me about the sting and explained the effects of the Carboxy Gel Mask. I also asked him about the difference in effect between oxygen facials (which I’m unfortunately allergic to) and the Carboxy Gel Mask, which introduces carbon dioxide instead of oxygen onto your skin. Oxygen facials are meant to stimulate the regeneration of cells and collagen for younger-looking skin. Meanwhile, the Carboxy Gel Mask is meant to give a rosy glow to your cheeks by dilating blood vessels.


The photo on the left shows how my cleansed and peeled skin looked after Steps 1 to 7: squeaky clean. The photo on the right shows how my skin glowed healthily and youthfully post-Carboxy Gel Mask.

9. After removing the mask, the therapist continued the rest of the steps in the Total Beauty Package, since the mask is not part of it. She rubbed a high frequency laser via a rod that glows orange on my skin to close my pores. Nakakagulat ‘yung frequency, haha, and there’s a slight sting.

10. The last step in the Total Beauty Package is cold sonic. At this point, my skin became so smooth, so dulas, from the treatments, that even the gauze she put on my face when applying the laser and the cold sonic was sliding off it. The cold sonic is meant to relax the face and further close pores as a cold metal contraption is rubbed on skin.


A closer look at my face after the Total Beauty Package and Carboxy Gel Mask


The two treatments combined, which lasted for more or less two hours, gave my skin a very healthy glow, removed the sallowness and flatness of my skintone, and hydrated dry areas of my combination skin. What I really liked best is how it lightened my dark sun spots and acne spots, making them almost disappear and definitely manageable with the least amount of concealer. And to think I was just worrying about them a few days before Maia invited me to try Skintology’s services, and then just like that, they’re gone. God really sends me what I need! My skin looked younger and felt plumper, too. Generally, the amount of concealer and foundation I put on my face decreased because my skin looks great even with minimal makeup, and looks even better with makeup.


Post-facial, no makeup selfie

I also tried their in-house skincare range to prolong the effects of the facial, but I started using it two weeks after I got my facial, before my skin went back to its pre-facial texture and while it still looked great and blemish-free. For prevention, right? I got the cleanser, clarifying toner, and stem cell regeneration serum, which I immediately incorporated into my skincare routine. The day after I tried the three products, my skin felt smoother and plumper, like I just got a facial again.


The cleanser is mild and hydrating, and I feel it cleanses effectively, even removing traces of makeup. The toner is cooling and refreshing, and kept oil at bay: I was shine- and grease-free when I woke up next morning. The stem cell serum is awesome! It looks like gel, but the texture is so light, it’s almost like water when applied, just a tad richer and smoother on your skin when you massage it in. It feels cool and refreshing, too, not greasy at all. And next day, my skin feels great!

Watch for my reviews of Laser Treatments by Cutera and their weight-loss program here soon!

Skintology Aesthetics Clinic is located at the Ground Floor of Plaza Royale Building, 120 LP Leviste Road, Salcedo Village, Makati. You may contact them via (02) 843-2233 or visit their Facebook page.

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