V-Day is in a few days; if you still don’t have something for your special someone, check out this list.
Beauty | Fashion | Food | Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on February 12, 2018
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As I’ve mentioned in this post, my husband and I are celebrating our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple this week, and while we don’t really let it on, we want to make it extra special—well, at least I’d like to believe we both want that, hahaha. We’ve been talking about V-Day plans and have yet to decide on where we’ll spend it this year, and I’ve recently shared our list of ideas here.

jessietrixie veranda

My husband and I on a date at Veranda, Taal Vista Hotel’s in-house restaurant

But, there’s that other aspect of V-Day that we need to take care of separately, and that’s our gift to each other. And as I rack my brain for what to give my husband, I thought of sharing with you a list of ideas, in case you’re in the same boat as I am and are wondering how to wow your significant other. This year, make Valentine’s Day one to remember when you treat your partner to:

A gift that keeps on giving


Who says gifts can only be useful once? For the practical partner, even the most unusual “gift” can be romantic if it can be utilized for long. Splurge on something your partner needs around the house, or get them something they’ve always wanted. Another idea is to get them something that contributes to the community, like a pair of pretty flip-flops from Banana Peel and Unilab Foundation’s Project Inclusion. Take a step toward a more inclusive Philippines with this special line of beautifully designed slippers by persons with autism. Not only will they be very grateful, they’ll also be sure to remember you each time they use it; and most of all, you both got to help out a good cause, too.

A little something for the Earth as well

All kinds of love can be (and are!) celebrated on Valentine’s Day, so extend your care to all the people who matter to both of you. Make sure you show your love for family and friends, and while you’re at it, why not give a little something to our own planet? You can even turn this into a project you and your partner can work on together.

Pili Group Shot

You can also give the special woman in your life something special while protecting the planet by treating her to natural beauty products made of Pili. Commonly known as a delicacy, Pili is now a line of products that allow one to have a sustainable beauty routine with products that are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, paraben-free, and natural. Give her the hand and body lotion, bath soap, body oil, hair serum, lip products, balms, and a collection of essential oils, all from the local pili tree. You can find Pili beauty products at Styled Pop-up on the second floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall’s East Wing.

A delicious feast


Valentine’s Day counts as the ultimate date night. Turn the date itself into a gift by going somewhere extra special, where you can binge on delicious food, share bites and stories, and most of all, relish the calm and romantic ambience that a very good restaurant has to offer. One of our favorite places to visit is Tagaytay, and Taal Vista Hotel remains one of our favorite spots. Its in-house restaurant, Veranda, boasts of a wide buffet spread in a cozy dining room, with an al fresco dining area that offers you a view of Taal Ridge. Very few spots can be more romantic than that.

A matchy-matchy couple item

Those “His” and “Hers” items you find in department stores may seem cheesy to some, but there are more than a few products that are actually quite witty, useful, and most of all, sweet. From pillows and towels to jewelry and clothing, there are more than a few ways to show your love—and your relationship status.

A personalized keepsake

What could be more special than a gift that’s made for your partner alone? Personalized items have become such a hit that you’ll be sure to find names or initials on a multitude of items in just about any mall or shopping center. Make him or her feel one of a kind with something that’s undoubtedly theirs—just like you!

A handmade project

Nothing says “you mean a lot to me” like something you created with your own hands. This kind of gift adds the benefits of something personalized as well: not only is it unique, it’s also tailor-fit to what your partner needs and is guaranteed to be useful and appreciated. Most of all, it shows that you not only know your partner well, you also care about what he or she needs.


An experience to remember

It’s one thing to get your partner an object, but it’s a whole other thing to get him or her an experience. Do something you’ve never done as you take your relationship to new heights, and get to know each other better as you’re thrown into all kind of situations or adventures.

A chance to learn something new

If you’re a business owner and you don’t always have time outside of work, yet neither you nor your partner would pass up the chance to discover new things, why don’t you check out a workshop or activity you’ve never tried before? More than just the introduction to what could be a new hobby, it would also be a great bonding opportunity for you two.

Valentine’s Day should be a special occasion simply because it’s there for you to celebrate the most special people. Don’t let it go to waste; give your partner exactly what he or she deserves—the best! And let Globe myBusiness, the micro-, small-, and medium-enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, help you take care of your business while you’re at it. Globe myBusiness provides digital solutions to local entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. Follow Globe myBusiness’ Facebook Page and check out their wonderful surprises for Valentine’s Day!

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