Plains & Prints collabs with the international fashion icon whose style we always wanted to cop, especially during the holidays. Anne Curtis wears the outfits.
Fashion | By Trixie Reyna on November 24, 2017
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Blush Beauty_Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis wearing Blush Beauty Barbie’s dress (P2,298), one of my favorites from Plains & Prints’ latest collection

I was shopping bridal shower outfits at Plains & Prints last week, and while I needed to pick white pieces, I was always drawn to pink. I think my Barbie dolls are largely responsible for my love of pink and feminine dresses—and having a slender figure. I still remember all my dolls (and how short I ended up cutting their hair, thinking it would grow back, haha), and I know they all had such pretty outfits. I remember I would always wish I could dress like Barbie when I was a kid. And now, all of us former little girls who grew upto become fabulous adults can wear some of Barbie’s iconic outfits!

Soda Shop_Anne Curtis

Anne wearing Soda Shop Barbie’s outfit (P2,598)

Ever since her debut 58 years ago, Barbie continues to inspire many women around the world to be everything they want to be. She’s career-oriented, fashionable, and never goes out of style. Her influence is ever-evolving and continues to be relevant from generation to generation. Barbie is an international fashion icon, and her timeless elegance is what inspired Plains & Prints’ holiday collection.

Party Perfect (PHP 2_498)

A model wears Party Perfect Barbie’s outfit (P2,498), a top and skirt set that I considered for my bridal shower look

Parisienne (PHP 2_798)

A model wears Parisienne Barbie’s dress (P2,798)

Plains & Prints collaborated with international brand Mattel to reinvent some of Barbie’s most iconic looks for a new 10-piece capsule collection. All of the pieces are perfectly elegant outfits you can wear to all the parties and occasions you need to grace this holiday season.

Ballet Wishes (PHP 2_598)

A model wears Ballet Wishes Barbie’s outfit (P2,598)

Mod Redux (PHP 2_198)

A model wears Mod Redux Barbie’s dress (P2,198)

Bringing functional style and glamour together, the Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection features pieces inspired by Barbie dolls from different eras—Teenage Fashion (1959), Parisienne (1959), All That Jazz (1968), Winter Concert (2002), Mod Redux (2004), Ballet Wishes (2013), Blush Beauty (2015), Party Perfect (2016), and Soda Shop (2016) Barbie dolls. It’s amazing how Barbie’s outfits from these eras are still wearable (by us!) today. And it’s so cute how Plains & Prints really made miniature versions of the reinvented styles so Barbie can wear the collection, too.

Winter Concert_Anne Curtis

Anne wearing Winter Concert Barbie’s dress (P2,298)

All That Jazz_Anne Curtis

Anne in All That Jazz Barbie’s outfit (P2,198)

To Plains & Prints brand ambassador Anne Curtis, this collection is her little girl dreams come true. “I’ve loved Barbie since I was a child and I remember how I used to say that I just want to be like her. I’m glad that this collection allows me to relive that dream as a grown-up woman,” Anne says. Same, Anne. Same.

Teenage Fashion_Anne Curtis

Anne wearing Teenage Fashion Barbie’s dress (P2,198)

Get dolled up for the holidays with the limited edition Barbie Loves Plains & Prints collection, which is now available at Plains & Prints stores nationwide. For more information, visit

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