And they happen to be the featured cakes at the Mother’s Day cake buffet at Megamall today! Details here.
Food | By Trixie Reyna on May 13, 2018
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Yesterday, May 12, 2018, I took my mom on an advance Mother’s Day date to Red Ribbon in order to beat the crowds that are sure to flock to the beloved cake shop today—especially since there’s a cake buffet promo! So yes, we got to have our CAKES and ate them all, too! (Sorry, I can’t help it.)

Trixie and mom red ribbon

My mom and I at the first batch of Red Ribbon Cake Creations Buffet Bar yesterday

You still have until today to experience the cake buffet bar my mom and I tried yesterday, the details of which are at the lower half of this post. But, in case you won’t get the chance to go to the SM Megamall branch, where the cake event will be held, don’t fret: The six cakes that are featured at the buffet are available all year round, and you can try all of them at the next special occasion, be it a birthday, Father’s Day, your anniversary, or really any moment you feel like celebrating with a delicious, decadent Red Ribbon cake (or two). Take your pick from these:

1. Ube Bloom

Ube Bloom

This new Red Ribbon creation is made of soft and moist ube chiffon cake and has real ube halaya filling. It is coated with white frosting and partially covered with ube crumble on the side for added ube goodness, then embellished with ube glaze and blooming flower. This is my mom’s favorite; I’m pretty sure your mom will love it too! It’s light, fluffy, and delicious—but surprisingly not cloying.

2. Caramel Mango Mousse

Caramel Mango Mousse

Another new creation, this cake has a base of crushed Graham biscuit base mixed with butter and sugar, which is then layered with velvety caramel and mango mousse and topped with caramel ganache on the half side of the cake. It’s embellished with mango kisses soft jelly at the center plus chocolate twirls. This is my personal favorite of the six cakes I tried, likely because I’m really partial to its delicious caramel flavor—it’s so delectable! It’s amazing how it’s not overwhelmingly sweet.

3. Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate Indulgence

Made of three layers of rich and moist pound cake with two layers of chocolate mousse filling plus chocolate bits, this is the kind you want when you’re craving decadent chocolate cake—definitely comfort food material.

4. Cappuccino Creme

Cappuccino Cake

Coffee lovers like me will love this coffee cake made with coffee liquor cream filling layered between fluffy chocolate and mocha chiffon cake. It’s wrapped in milk chocolate cream, then garnished with cocoa powder dusting to form a unique coffee art accented with a flower. The bold coffee flavor is definitely there, and the chiffon cake itself is delightfully moist and rich.

5. Black Forest

Black Forest

This had been my childhood favorite because of its cherry twist—and it’s still good, although they went lighter on the liquor flavor. It’s still made with moist chocolate cake with cream and cherry filling, topped with chocolates and cherries. It’s still a pretty cake to take with you to any gathering.

6. Peach Mango Symphony

Peach Mango Symphony

Next to the Ube Bloom, I feel this cake would appeal most to the Pinoy palate that’s partial to sweet or “minatamis.” It’s made of melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cake with mango mousse filling infused with hints of cheese for that delicious sweet and salty taste. It is then topped with peaches and embellished with grated chocolate to make the cake even more special.

Red Ribbon Cake Creations Buffet Bar Promo

You can try all six cakes at once—and as much of it as you can in an hour—when you avail of Red Ribbon’s Cake Creations Buffet Bar Promo, just in time for Mother’s Day.

For P199 per person, enjoy unlimited slices of the featured cakes (the six listed above) at the Red Ribbon Cake Creations buffet bar at their flagship store, located at the ground floor of SM Megamall Bldg A today, May 13! Here are the promo mechanics when you avail of this promo with your mom—or anyone special, really:

Red Ribbon Cake Buffet

A snapshot of the Red Ribbon Cake Creations Buffet Bar I experienced yesterday

1. Red Ribbon Cake Creations Buffet Bar is a Mother’s Day promotion on May 12-13 that is available at the Red Ribbon SM Megamall store only, where customers can consume as many slices of the featured cakes as they want within a specified period.

2. There will be two batches on each day. Each batch may avail of the Red Ribbon Cake Creations Buffet Bar for up to one hour. Here are today’s schedules:

Batch 1 – 1PM to 2PM
Batch 2 – 2:30PM to 3:30PM

3. Strictly no sharing and no leftovers. Customers are allowed to take home a maximum of 2 cake slices after availing of the promo.

4. Drinks may be ordered and paid separately during the event.

5. Senior Citizen and PWD discounts are qualified for this promotion.

Red Ribbon Cake Slicer

While you’re at it, also get the Limited Edition Red Ribbon Cake Slicer for only P100 with purchase of any Regular Round Cake, Full Roll Cake, 8×12 and 12×12 Dedication Cakes, and Cakes By Design from May 12 to 13, also at the flagship store at SM Megamall A.

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