Include this shopping and dining destination if you’ll be in HK for all the holidays this October and November.
Food | Fun Stuff | Travel | By Trixie Reyna on October 16, 2023
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I recently traveled to Hong Kong with my husband and child, and ever since, we’ve been planning our next HK trip! Hong Kong is always the perfect vacation destination whether you like shopping, dining, theme park-hopping, entertainment, or just sightseeing. It has always held a special place in my heart as my first-ever international destination, and I’ve been blessed to have visited it countless more times with different people: family, friends, workmates, my husband when he was my boyfriend, and now with our daughter (for HK Disneyland, of course!).

Those who visit HK for shopping and dining in particular are sure to be familiar with Harbour City, Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall with fantastic views of Victoria Harbour (as the name suggests), located in my favorite area of Hong Kong: Tsim Sha Tsui. Every visit to HK includes a stop at Harbour City and we can spend an entire day (or two or three) just checking out its many shops offering all the brands we love; dining at its many restaurants, cafes, and bars offering various cuisines and delicacies; and simply walking around, taking in the view. It’s also so close to several HK hotspots.

If you’ll be traveling to HK for the upcoming long weekends and holidays in October and November (there are so many!), you may want to check out these treats you can get when you shop and dine at Harbour City:

Enjoy special Hong Kong cocktails (and a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal!) at Harbour City restaurants

In case you’re attending the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival from Oct. 26 to 29, you’ll be pleased to know that Harbour City, as one of its major sponsors, is offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free cocktail during the event, and even extending its special cocktail offerings until the end of November as part of its month-long cocktail party called “Sip Sip Hurray,” a celebration of the local craft spirits culture.


Harbour City partnered with Hong Kong-only distillery N.I.P to invite two world-class mixologists, Lorenzo Antinori and Shelley Tai, to create six brand new cocktails with the locally crafted N.I.P Gin as the base, under the theme “HK Ginspiration,” which hopes to bring the essence of made-in-Hong-Kong craft and art of mixology to food and cocktail enthusiasts. From Oct. 26 to Nov. 30, 2023, savor the six “HK Ginspiration” cocktails and more special drinks at designated restaurants in Harbour City.

You can even get the chance to have guest mixologists surprise you with a specially crafted cocktail. From Oct. 27 to 29 and Nov. 11 to 12, Shelley and Lorenzo will make surprise appearances at restaurants within Harbour City, personally crafting “HK Ginspiration” for guests, offering an exclusive “cocktail omakase.” Lorenzo is the Italian mixologist behind Bar Leone and helmed many others, and who sees Hong Kong as his home after living around the world. Shelley is a native Hongkonger who moved to Singapore a few years ago to lead a famous bar Nutmeg & Clove and recently opened Last Word. Despite their diverse backgrounds, both mixologists share a deep affection for Hong Kong and pour their passion into creating the “HK Ginspiration” cocktails.

The 6 cocktails use N.I.P Rare Dry Gin or N.I.P CATNIP Tea Gin No.2 Da Hong Pao as their base. Both showcase the unique flavours of the city: the former gin brings flavors of osmanthus, aged tangerine peel, ginger, and goji berries; and the latter highlights the aroma of Da Hong Pao, a prestigious cliff-grown tea in Wuyi. From base spirit distilling to mixological creations, “HK Ginspiration” cocktails offer you a 100% “Made in Hong Kong” tasting experience.


As a gastronomic hub of Hong Kong, Harbour City offers all sorts of global cuisines with nearly 100 distinctive restaurants. In the month of “Sip Sip Hurray,” over a dozen restaurants will present an unprecedented dining experience, not only serving “HK Ginspiration,” but also unveiling a variety of new cocktails, all perfectly paired with culinary delights. Whether it’s a gathering with friends or a romantic date, come to Harbour City to sip fine cocktails, savor exquisite cuisines, and enjoy the transformation of Victoria Harbour from a sunset-drenched evening to a vibrant nighttime spectacle—a feast for both the eyes and taste buds. (Oh, and upon spending a designated amount at designated restaurants, you can receive a limited-edition Harbour City x N.I.P Rare Dry Gin in a classy leather sling bag. Click here for more details and participating restaurants.)

During the festival on Oct. 26-29, visitors can enjoy these drinks at Harbour Lounge at Central Harbourfront, with a mesmerizing view of Victoria Harbour. As the main sponsor of the Wine & Dine Festival, Harbour City will present the 6 brand-new cocktails at Harbour Lounge, where guests will receive a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” cocktail coupon that can be redeemed at Harbour City. In addition, Lorenzo will host the “Made in Hong Kong” Cocktail Workshop at Tasting Theatre. Visit the official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board for more details.

Harbour City Limited Edition Osamu Goods Folding Umbrella

Apart from shopping and dining, another Harbour City “tradition” I have, so to speak, is collecting its limited edition umbrellas, for which it has partnered with acclaimed designers and artists in the past two decades. It has indeed become a yearly highlight of the mall’s events that garners widespread interest and captivates collectors—I myself have accumulated several of its designs over the years!


Continuing this tradition in 2023, Harbour City has joined forces with popular Japanese brand Osamu Goods, founded by Japanese illustration maestro Harada Osamu, to introduce a delightful addition to the umbrella collection: a lightweight and convenient folding umbrella that blends functionality with a timeless cute aesthetic. This is my first Harbour City folding umbrella, and I was so happy and impressed when I first held it because it’s ultra light! I even thought the package it came in forgot to include the umbrella because it was almost light as paper! I immediately put it in my bag, where it will always be, even when I travel.

Its kawaii design in a neutral color is sure to bring a touch of cheer to even the gloomiest rainy day. The iconic characters Jack and Jill are the highlight of the umbrella’s design. Yes, it comes in two designs—his and hers—perfect for couples!

harbour city x osamu goods umbrella

Following the success of the joint exhibition “Osamu Goods Exhibition by Harada Osamu” in July and August this year, Harbour City collaborated with Osamu Goods, which has captured the hearts of girls in Japan and abroad for its adorable characters and merchandise ever since it was established in 1976. Influenced by American culture during his own upbringing, Osamu masterfully blends the vibrant artistry of American comics with the graceful simplicity of Japanese aesthetics in his designs. Its character lineup is based on the old British song “Mother Goose,” with 12 characters that include Jack, Jill, Georgie Porgie, Humpty Dumpty, and more.

Throughout the years, Osamu Goods has introduced a wide array of umbrellas, each with its own unique flair. For this special collaboration, Harbour City sought the expertise of celebrated Japanese graphic designer Kazunari Hattori, one of Osamu Harada’s favorite designers. Stepping away from the brand’s signature vibrant style, Hattori enlarges the endearing figures of Jack and Jill to cover the entire umbrella canopy and opts for a monochromatic style: with soft and subtle beige tone as the base color, complemented by bold gray (Jack) and black (Jill) lines. The umbrella handle incorporates a thoughtful detail, featuring their charming portraits as exquisite adornments. Meticulously crafted from lightweight and water-resistant materials, the folding umbrella weighs a mere 140 grams, ensuring effortless portability, making it a perfect fit for any handbag.

harbour_city_osamu_goods_umbrella 2

You may redeem your own limited edition umbrella at Harbour City from now until Nov. 5, 2023 at Level 4, Ocean Centre (near Shop OC415-9 – MUJI). Upon spending HK$1,500 or above with a maximum of TWO single-day sales receipts by electronic payment at Harbour City and donation of HK$100 to The Community Chest of Hong Kong, you can redeem one umbrella. If you spend HK$20,000 or above with a maximum of TWO single-day sales receipts by electronic payment at Harbour City, you redeem one umbrella for free. You may also simply donate HK$180 to The Community Chest of Hong Kong to get the umbrella. Each person can redeem a maximum of two umbrellas of each version during the promo period. The quantity of umbrella is limited while stocks last.

Visit for more info.

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