Learn the features that would make new pet parents of puppies and kittens love the Royal Canin Club PH app.
Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on February 7, 2021
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I still remember the day we adopted Charlie, our shih tzu, from his original pet parents. Charlie’s parents had a litter of four puppies, and the owners decided after a few months that they can only continue to care for one or two of them, so they decided to put Charlie and one or two of his siblings up for adoption. My husband’s friend knew the owners and just randomly asked him if we wanted a new puppy. Little did he know we’ve been searching for one for a while, and we met Charlie that very day. It was love at first hold for my husband, and so we went home with a baby shih tzu in my lap that very day, utterly clueless about how to care for a months-old puppy.


Naturally, I turned to Google for help, especially with the things we needed to buy and how to make a puppy a part of our life, with both his well-being and our sanity in mind. I was completely unprepared that it was a little like caring for a newborn—sleepless nights included. For weeks while we adjusted to each other, I barely slept a wink, worrying that Charlie might wander off, or worse, poop or pee on our bed (we let him sleep beside us first, lol) or under it.

I wish I knew of an app then that would have helped me through those first few weeks and months. Charlie’s vet has been really helpful, but I needed a 24/7 resource for when I just wanted information—besides Google, that is. But I have good news for pet parents, especially new ones who just got a new pet for Christmas, New Year, or might be getting one for the upcoming Valentine’s Day: There’s now an app that can take the guesswork out of caring for a furry friend, especially if they happen to be a kitten or a puppy. The Royal Canin Club PH app is a great source of information for every pet parent out there, whether old, new, first-time, or aspiring to become one.

RC Club Puppy Banner

A solid health foundation is key to pets’ full and happy life, so Royal Canin Club PH could help those who have kittens and puppies give their fur babies the healthiest start of life through proper care and nutrition. The Royal Canin Club app emphasizes pets’ well-being in their full life cycle, but most specially their first year of growth and development. It provides comprehensive knowledge, tips, quizzes, and Royal Canin product recommendations to new pet owners or those thinking of a new addition to their fur family. It’s a great resource on proper diet and nutrition, digestive health, neonatal to ageing care, skin and coat care, training, and understanding pet behavior.

In case you’re not yet familiar with the brand (but any proper pet parent would soon be), Royal Canin is a brand of pet food. It’s what Charlie’s vet recommended we feed him from the time we got him. Royal Canin has a complete line of premium nutrition products specifically formulated for cats and dogs based on size, age, lifestyle, and breed to address specific needs. We started Charlie on the line specifically for puppies, and now he’s on the line specifically for adult shih tzus, and he loves it! Royal Canin partnered with pet experts such as vets, breeders, and others professionals to tailor precise nutritional formulations for their products. When we tried to give him other brands, he didn’t like them as much as he liked Royal Canin.

Royal Canin Shih Tzu

With more people adopting pets in the past year after being mostly on home quarantine because of the pandemic, Royal Canin Club will be a useful resource for both new pet owners and seasoned fur parents who are just now taking care of puppies and kittens. After all, your pets’ health at the start of life will define how they grow and live. Like how we put extra attention to the well-being of human babies, the same principle applies to how we should care for pet puppies and kittens who are just beginning to adapt to the world.

Royal Canin Club PH is also a rewards app, in which users can accumulate points when they purchase Royal Canin products from partner stores. Early this year, it gives pet owners a chance to avail of full-size Royal Canin pet food for their fur babies in exchange for points.

Besides the app, pet parents can also check out Royal Canin’s website for information on pet healthcare specific to puppies and kittens. New fur parents can easily access information supported by the brand’s in-house vets and scientific communications team to assist in the day-to-day management of their pets’ health. This includes discussions on how to prepare pet owners and their families for the newest addition to their household, what to expect during the first 24 hours together, and how to transition their diet from puppyhood and kittenhood. Starting pets early on healthy practices gives them a fuller life in the long run. I really wish we had this when we first got Charlie!

Royal Canin’s Start of Life campaign will also involve a pet recruitment program called Starter Hub. Customers who get a new pet from Cartimar or Tiendesitas will be directed to the Royal Canin Starter Hub, where they will be given a Royal Canin Starter Kit containing a primer on proper care for pets, as well as welcome gifts and vouchers.

The app is now available for download on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Royal Canin products are available in more than 350 specialized stores, pet shops, and veterinary clinics nationwide.

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