Remember the kids Bible cartoons from our childhood? Now we can watch Season 5 of the 'Superbook' reboot—maybe this time with our own kids, too!
Featured | Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on June 1, 2024
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Ever since I became a mom, memories of my childhood keep coming back to my mind. Yes, there’s the all-too-common parental experience of being forced to confront old childhood hurts that we need to heal from in order to help prevent our own children from suffering the same. But my favorite one is recalling the best parts of my childhood: the toys we had; the games we used to play, especially on the streets; the books and comics we used to read; the snacks we used to love; the songs we loved to listen to on the radio, back when we had to record tapes or burn CDs in order to create our own playlists; and the TV shows we used to watch on specific days and times because we can’t yet control what we can watch when we want to or even binge all episodes in one go.

Episode 504_ The Sermon on the Mount-article body

So when a friend told me that Superbook is coming back for Season 5 on Philippine TV, I was thrilled and also felt super nostalgic. Childhood memories of the original Kids Bible animated series from our childhood back in the ’80s (ahem, age reveal!) that you likely also watched on weekends came flooding back. In my mind’s eye, I still remember the scenes and original animation, which got an update for the reboot. I’m so happy I can introduce it to my 4-year-old, whom I’ve been reading kids Bible stories to since she was an infant.

Episode 516_ The Widow’s Mite

The original Superbook anime TV series was initially produced at Tatsunoko Productions and TV Tokyo in Japan in conjunction with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in the United States, with Season 1 airing in 1982 and Season 2 in 1983. It was rebooted in 2011, also as Superbook (or Superbook Reimagined), still produced by CBN with Asia-Pacific region animation studios along with locally based partners like Tokyo MX and Word of Life Press Ministries in Japan. Its five seasons aired on CBN from 2011 to 2021, with Season 5 finally set to air on Philippine TV in June 2024, 11 years after its debut in the country!

Episode 501_ The Birth of Moses

This time, my daughter can join me as we watch Chris, Joy, and Gizmo suit up and take off on another fun adventure, as Superbook’s fifth season airs Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM, on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel starting June 3. It’s right on time for the kids’ break from classes!

Superbook Season 5 follows our favorite trio as they learn how to have a deeper relationship with Jesus and discover what it truly means to be His follower. Each of the 16 episodes explores real-life challenges and victories that people from all generations can relate to.

Episode 507_ Jesus—Friend of Sinners

With this exciting launch comes new interactive events and materials designed to encourage children and their families to know God deeper and share their faith with the people around them. Superbook Philippines is preparing to bring “Sabay-Sabay Lilipad,” an on-ground events campaign to malls, schools, churches, and communities nationwide. New fun and educational materials will be available at partner outlets and online platforms as well.

Episode 502_ Nicodemus

CBN Asia’s head for Superbook, Icko Gonzalez, also teases an exciting project this year. “As we approach CBN Asia’s 30th anniversary, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming Superbook Musical Theatre, bringing these beloved stories to life on stage,” he revealed.

Gonzalez invites everyone to watch Superbook Season 5 on A2Z and the Kapamilya Channel every weekday. “Join us in exploring deeper insights about Jesus and the Bible through Superbook Season 5. We invite all Batang Superbook fans, young and old, to continue supporting this animated program that not only entertains but also uplifts our spirits,” he said.


Gear up, Superbook fans, for an out-of-this-world adventure with Superbook Season 5, airing June 3, Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel.

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