That "summer body" should be an "everyday body."
Featured | Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on May 17, 2015
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Century Tuna_new-endorsers-main

You’ve seen the sexy TV and print ads and billboards. Century Tuna recently added hot young stars Jessy Mendiola, James Reid, Elmo Magalona, and Paulo Avelino to their roster of brand ambassadors that also includes Anne Curtis and Boys’ Night Out DJs Sam YG, Tony Toni, and Slick Rick. The leading local tuna brand has been known not just for their line of products but also for promoting a healthier lifestyle and achieving sexier bodies—not just for summer but every single day.

(Confession: When Century Tuna Superbods was first launched, I used it as motivation to get fit so I can be invited to join by their scouts during my trip to Boracay—back when they were still sourcing participants from random beach-goers. And I did get spotted while walking down the beach and invited to join! Pero hanggang dun lang. I was too chicken to actually participate, haha!)

Century Tuna_Meet Century Tuna’s newest faces_Century Tuna

Century Tuna is rich in Vitamin D + Omega 3, which fights belly fat, quells cortisol build up, and improves insulin resistance—all of which you need to get fit and in better shape, including having trimmer abs.

And especially because of this focus on everyone’s obsession with getting sexy abs, Century Tuna also launched Superbod ABS Plan, a book that will serve as your ultimate belly-off guide. It has 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs for toning, burning, and shredding, with meal plans crafted by celebrity nutritionist Nadine Tengco, including what to buy in groceries, and support workouts curated by Coach Jim Garet. Watch for it!

Getting that desired everyday body involves a combination of exercise, proper diet, and determination. It can’t be just one of the three. So I’m sharing here diet, workout, and fitness tips from Jessy, Paulo, Elmo, and James that helped them achieve their abs and trimmer everyday body—not just summer body—so you can follow in their sexy footsteps, too.

Century Tuna_Meet Century Tuna’s newest faces_Jessy

Jessy Mendiola

Motivation: “Being fit makes me happy!”

Diet: She’s all about portion control and skipping rice, as well as not indulging too much on her favorite sweets.

Workout: She enjoys swimming and boxing, and she does yoga for core.

Fitness tip: “Bring a mat and jump rope anywhere. That way, you can workout anytime you feel like it. Even a 15-minute cardio workout will do wonders.”

Century Tuna_Meet Century Tuna’s newest faces_Paulo

Paulo Avelino

Diet: “Just a conscious effort to eat right and eat healthy. I replace one meal a day with Century Tuna.”

Workout: “I bring a mat everywhere and do sit-ups and push-ups everyday.” The actor also engages in numerous sports activities like badminton, rock climbing, and jogging.

Century Tuna_Meet Century Tuna’s newest faces_James

James Reid

Motivation: “I love feeling healthy. I used to be thin and weak years ago—I even had asthma. I’m definitely proud of the new me.”

Diet: “No rice, just cereals, wheat.”

Workout: Swimming and gymnastics

Fitness tip: “It’s not necessary to go to the gym to get fit. Just do recreational activities you enjoy. It’s a lifestyle, not a goal, so make it fun.”

Century Tuna_Meet Century Tuna’s newest faces_Elmo

Elmo Magalona

Motivation: “As the youngest in the bunch, I’d like to let people know that they can—and should—start early in their journey to a healthy body.” At 20, Elmo has already developed chiseled abs and very muscular arms through a customized workout and disciplined diet.

Diet: “Good carbs in the morning and for lunch, then no carbs at night.”

Fitness tip: “Start slow. Try now—that’s where it all begins, just try. Replace one bad meal with veggies and fruits—stuff that’s good for you.”

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