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Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on October 25, 2020
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For us, school essentials used to be ballpens, different sizes of pad paper, spiral notebooks, and even floppy disks for saving our files since we can’t carry around our bulky desktop computers. We needed to photocopy books and other handouts provided by our teachers. Now, kids have all these in one gadget: a tablet, lightweight laptop, or tiny USB. More importantly, they need internet. So us moms need to adjust, too. (My daughter might still be a baby, but I’m already always thinking about school!) What we need now is better data and faster speed to keep up with our kids—and help them keep up with their classmates. This also means our SIM card has to keep up.

Are you still using 3G? There’s a huge chance that’s why you’re still suffering from slow mobile internet, which is a huge challenge, especially if your kids are connecting to your smartphone’s hotspot for online learning.

If you are still on 3G, now’s the time to upgrade your SIM card to 4G/LTE so you won’t have to worry about slow internet connection for your kids.


Globe Telecom is in fact encouraging all 3G SIM users to upgrade their SIMs to 4G for faster connection and data speed. It is especially necessary for mommies whose kids are going through a big change: that is, having to take their classes online.

The demand for internet has significantly increased during the pandemic. Families now rely on connectivity for livelihood, information, education, and entertainment. That’s why Globe is upgrading its network to 4G/LTE to provide a better mobile internet experience. 4G/LTE will allow faster speed and higher data capacity to serve the demand for higher internet bandwidth. 4G/LTE provides a high-speed mobile internet connection of up to 42Mbps, which can give you a faster and richer browsing experience than before.

Here’s a little definition of terms for added tech knowledge, fellow mommies: 3G is short for 3rd Generation because it’s the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology. It is an upgrade from 2G and 2.5G GPRS networks for faster internet speed. 3G enabled the use of mobile internet and video calling when it was launched in 1998 (over a decade ago, mommies).

Meanwhile, 4G is short for 4th Generation, as it’s the fourth generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology. It was launched in the late 2000s and is much faster than 3G. 4G is able to support video streaming and video conferencing of better quality—perfect for online learning.

LTE, or Long Term Evolution, is a type of 4G. In terms of Globe’s network upgrade, they refer to 4G and LTE as one and the same.

So check your phone because you still might be on 3G. To find out, just text SIM CHECK to 8080 for free. And if you are still using a 3G Globe SIM, upgrade to 4G as soon as possible to get better data and faster mobile internet speed not just for yourself but for your kiddos, too.

The good news is upgrading to a Globe LTE SIM is free! You just need to bring your old SIM to a Globe store or authorized mobile booth to have it replaced with an LTE SIM for free. As long as you have an LTE SIM and a 4G/LTE device, you can enjoy the benefits of 4G/LTE at no additional cost. And don’t worry, you will still be using the same number when you upgrade to 4G/LTE. To comply with safety protocols, customers who plan to go to a Globe store need to book an appointment first here.

If you’re a Globe Postpaid customer, you may also send a request through the GlobeOne app. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to Help and Support.
2. Type a contact number.
3. Select “Service-Related Concern” then “I want to replace my SIM.”

Warning, mommies: Do not accept any offer for SIM change from any individual. Learn here how to protect yourself against scams and fraudulent activities. As an added security for Globe Prepaid and TM customers to upgrade their SIM, you will also be required to enter a code to activate the new SIM. Learn more here about Globe’s self-service SIM upgrade.

For more information, visit the Globe website.

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