Self-care is made more convenient with My White Card mobile app, with access to skin, body, and tooth care, among other treatments.
Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on April 10, 2019
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One of the many things I miss about living in Manila now that I’m based in Iloilo is access to great healthcare and self-care services. Think weight-loss treatments, skincare services, teeth services, and wellness services, including yoga and Pilates classes. I’m not saying there aren’t any here in Iloilo (although I highly doubt they have Pilates); it’s just that I don’t know who to ask for recommendations here. In Manila, I can ask so many trusted friends for recommendations for a good dentist, good dermatologist, good chiropractor, and so on. I know where to go.

My White Card services

That’s why whenever I come home, I make it a point to do all the healthcare services I can. It can get very tiring and time-consuming, though, when I have to go to different places for these. And yes, it can take a toll on my freelancer pocket having to shoulder all the costs since I don’t have a company-provided health card that can cover certain treatments, like dental services.

My White Card

I was happy to be introduced to My White Card, a mobile app and sort of subscription service that makes self-care and preventive health care both affordable and convenient. The premise of My White Card is to offer great health services at a lower cost through awesome deals that are just a few taps away using the app. My White Card has a well-curated selection of exclusive deals on beauty, health, and wellness services from partner health and wellness centers that for now, you can all find in one place: Centuria Medical in Century City, Makati.

Whatever your health and wellness goal, you can find an assortment of services that fit your needs at great deals and prices through My White Card, whether you need regular treatments or more specialized procedures and interventions.

My White Card

Launched earlier this year, My White Card was conceptualized to address the need of Filipinos to achieve and sustain holistic health within their lifestyle and means. According to its CEO Anne Ricardo, “Wellness cannot be achieved in only a few, seldom visits. Maintenance and religious monitoring are essential for one to achieve health and wellness goals. We realize, however, that some people are put off by the cost and inconvenience of setting regular appointments and visiting health and wellness specialists. To bridge the gap between maintaining a lifestyle of self-care and staying within a budget, we launched My White Card [that] offers enormous savings for members at the convenience of their smartphones.”

My White Card coupons

My White Card has three membership tiers to suit the varying needs of health-conscious Filipinos: Elite, Premium, and Luxury. The most basic, Elite membership (P7,999/year) provides access to discounts of as much as 10% on products and services from partner clinics. Those who demand a wider array of services to sustain a holistic lifestyle may prefer the Premium membership (P11,899/year), with access to as much as 25% discount on products and services. If you want exclusivity and pampering as well as the highest level of discounts, the Luxury tier membership (P25,000/year) provides access to the highest value offers with up to 50% discount on products and services, along with other promos and deals.

My White Card pricing

The pricing seems pretty steep, but they do offer significant discounts to rather expensive services that include aesthetics, cosmetic surgery, dental services, functional medicine, preventive healthcare, and therapeutic healthcare. Yes, it includes everything from teeth whitening, facials, and Pilates to liposuction, tummy tuck, and nose jobs.

My White Card partners

Partner clinics in Centuria Medical include Asian Stem Cell Institute, White House, New Life Centuria, Asia Square Center, Skin Touch, Molecular Immunology, Alpha Chiropractics, Pinnacle Performance, Prive, Auris, Core, etc. For me, what really got me interested is their partnership with Options Studio, which allows me to enjoy Pilates sessions at a lower cost.

My White Card Options Studio coupon

To become a member, download the mobile app of My White Card from Google Play (for Android) or Apple App Store (for iOS). You may also visit the website, Fill up the details and choose which type of membership and terms appeal to you. You may avail of membership with monthly or annual terms. Enjoy introductory prices at 50% off when you sign up for a membership now.

My White Card laptop

You can browse and select promos and discount coupons through the mobile app or the website. However, you cannot book appointments via the app or website. All you can do is select the promo coupon you wish to avail, then you’ll have to be the one to coordinate with the clinic for appointments offline. The app and website also includes the latest updates regarding your membership. All the coupons you availed are kept in your account for use anytime you need them.

My White Card luxury coupons

What I find convenient about it can also feel limiting—considering the steep price of membership: how all the partner clinics are just in one place, Centuria Medical, although the location is pretty good. But we’re told more clinics across Metro Manila will soon be added to its network, with more valuable promos and discounts to be offered to members, so I can’t wait for that.

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