Yoboo's all-in-one solution for baby’s laundry needs is now available in the Philippines.
Featured | Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on May 18, 2024
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Before I became a mom, I had no idea that my baby’s clothes needed to be washed with detergent meant just for babies, and that I should not even use our fabric conditioner on them. Thanks to our pediatricians and mom friends, I now know that babies’ skin are so sensitive that even the detergent used to wash their clothes should be made for their delicate skin.

I used to use only two brands, but it can sometimes get frustrating when they’re not widely available or when they don’t work well on tough stains—something I had to deal with often as my daughter slowly learned to eat by herself without spilling food all over her clothes (it’s an ongoing struggle that’s getting better). That’s why I always welcome new recommendations, and this one reportedly works really well on stains.

detergent 1

Japanese-based mom and baby care brand Yoboo recently introduced its latest innovations tailored for the delicate needs of babies in the Philippines. (Check out my review of their skincare set here.) With the launch of its baby detergent and fabric conditioner, Yoboo aims to provide comprehensive care for babies’ clothes, ensuring not only cleanliness but also utmost comfort for the little ones.

“As babies’ skin is more delicate than adults’, it’s essential that their laundry products provide the right care for both their clothing and their skin,” said Dr. Chinen Rina, founder of Yoboo. “With this in mind, Yoboo’s new products are crafted to meet the key criteria for selecting the ideal laundry solutions for infants, also catering to parents who prioritize gentle, effective care and soothing comfort.”

My husband and I immediately used Yoboo’s new laundry products to wash our daugher’s clothes as soon as they arrived in the mail. We even used them on our own clothes and beddings.

detergent 2

Formulated to safeguard delicate skin, the Yoboo Calendula Baby Laundry Detergent offers an anti-bacterial and anti-mite formula, ensuring thorough cleanliness without compromising on gentleness. Yes, you read that right: This detergent has a natural ingredient derived from Sichuan peppers that combats mites, providing an extra layer of protection for your baby’s delicate clothes and beddings (and yours!). If you travel often like we do and are wary of bed bugs everywhere, using this to wash clothes before and after a trip will somehow make you feel safer from bed bug attacks. It even protects from Staph germ and E-coli, which pleases this overprotective mommy!

The other thing we love about the Calendula Baby Laundry Detergent is it excels in tackling stubborn stains, breaking them down effectively and leaving behind no residue. It uses four types of decomposing enzymes (weak acid) for gentle washing that preserves the texture of clothes and extends its lifespan. You don’t have to worry about himulmol even when you have to kusot harder than usual to remove food stains. Infused with natural essential oils, this detergent not only cleans but also provides a calming touch to babies’ clothes, which smell naturally fragrant without irritating your baby’s skin or nose. It’s currently available in three sizes: 100ml, 500ml, and 1.5L bottle (regular price for PHP599, now at PHP299 on Lazada). You can use it for hand or machine wash.

softener 2

Complementing the detergent is the Yoboo Lavender Fabric Softener, designed to enhance the softness and comfort of babies’ garments. Its environmentally-friendly, water-soluble formula ensures gentle care for both fabrics and hands. By smoothing out roughness in clothing and eliminating excess static, it leaves clothes feeling soft and cozy, perfect for sensitive baby skin. Its soothing lavender scent is barely noticeable, save for how your baby’s clothes (and yours) smell freshly laundered without irritating her skin or nose. It’s also available in three sizes: 100ml, 500ml, and 1.5L (regular price for PHP599, now at PHP289 on Lazada).

True to Yoboo’s commitment to quality and safety, both products are hypoallergenic, chemical-free, and dermatologist-approved. Both are also suitable for various types of fabrics, like cotton, silk, wool, and even blends. They minimize skin irritation and reduce the risk of allergies. This reassures parents that they are choosing products that prioritize the well-being of their little ones.

Yoboo’s baby detergent and fabric conditioner are now available in the Philippines. To celebrate their grand launch, these products are currently on sale until May 21, 2024! Just visit Yoboo’s official stores on Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok to get your hands on these essential laundry solutions now.

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