The Yoboo Baby Skincare Set is a great gift idea for babies and toddlers or expecting mommies.
Beauty | Featured | By Trixie Reyna on August 3, 2023
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If there’s one thing I wish my daughter didn’t inherit from me, it’s my sensitive skin. Baby skin is already more fragile and delicate as it is, making it prone to dryness, redness, and itching, and requiring extra care using gentle, high-quality products. I thought as my daughter reached the toddler years, her skin wouldn’t be as sensitive, but as it turned out, she inherited my skin. Good thing she’s also developing the same love for good skincare products and habits as I have.

It took me my whole teenage and adult years to figure out skincare that works for my skin type (and I’m realizing now that as my skin changes, I need to keep finding what works with it). It’s a lot more challenging finding the most suitable product for my child’s skin. For one, there are overwhelming options to choose from. And baby skincare products are not exactly cheap, so it’s frustrating to invest in a highly-recommended one after lots of research only to have to switch to another one because it doesn’t work for our baby’s skin.

Yoboo Baby Skincare set main

Yoboo Baby Skincare Set

A friend recently introduced me to Japanese mom and baby care brand Yoboo and sent us their baby skincare set to try. Established in 2009, Yoboo provides products that cater to moms and babies’ different needs with a product line that consists of baby skin care, bath essentials, as well as nursing essentials, feeding essentials, baby furniture and accessories, outdoor essentials, cleaning and disinfection, and even baby toys.

According to pediatrician and Yoboo founder Chinen Rina, “As each day goes by, your baby will be exposed to more environments as they experience and learn more about what the world has to offer. Through its products, Yoboo aims to provide expert care for baby’s skin at any time, whether it’s to…soothe it from any discomfort or sensitivity, or sustain its moisture after a bath. Its formulations result in the ultimate baby care experience so that your child can enjoy life with healthy and resilient skin.”

Yoboo’s expertly crafted skincare products for babies use natural plant extracts to awaken skin’s intrinsic vitality. Its Baby Skincare Set good for ages 0-6 offers comprehensive head to toe skincare for babies and kids.

Yoboo Baby Skincare set

I was eager to put the products to the test. Before I made my daughter try Yoboo’s Baby Soothing Wash and Shampoo, Baby Refreshing Moisturizer, and OlivOat Baby Cream, I made sure to try them first myself, followed by a patch test for my toddler before she used them all over her body.

We instantly loved the Baby Soothing Wash and Shampoo (400ml, PhP899), a 2-in-1 foaming body soap and shampoo enriched with Pro-V5, Vitamin E, Bisabolol (a natural alcohol known for its soothing and anti-aging effects), and camellia seed oil (known for its hydrating, protective, and skin-nourishing components) to gently and effectively clean the skin, properly hydrate it, and preserve its elasticity. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve discomfort and improve sensitive skin condition. It’s gentle on my daughter’s skin yet made sure she was clean and fresh from head to toe after each bath. Our skin felt so soft after. I like that it didn’t dry my daughter’s hair, unlike others we’ve tried before.

Yoboo Baby Wash + Shampoo

Yoboo Baby Soothing Wash and Shampoo

I needed three pumps for her mid-length hair (while mine required 5-6 pumps) to lather. It was easy to rinse, and had a mild, fresh, baby-friendly scent that my daughter really loved. She also enjoyed the foamy formula–instant foam in her hand with each pump (might not be economical though, haha). The best thing about it for me is it doesn’t hurt her eyes. We’ve encountered several shampoos and body washes that I had to inherit after one use because they hurt her eyes when used on her hair and face. It was a relief that this was gentle on her eyes (but you should still be careful not to let the product get into babies’ eyes).

We always put lotion after each bath and before bedtime. Yoboo’s Baby Refreshing Moisturizer (70g, PhP599) is a body lotion that helps hydrate and soothe dryness and redness with every use. A pleasant surprise to us was, upon application, its transparent ice crystal texture turns water-like, making it light, non-greasy, and feel refreshing on the skin. Its gentle and nourishing ingredients (double aloe vera juice, vitamin B5, and natural herbal extracts) and multidimensional water locking system work together to nourish and lock in moisture to make baby’s skin feel silky, refreshed, and comfortable.

Yoboo Baby Moisturizer

Yoboo Baby Refreshing Moisturizer

I learned that through various tests with its users, Yoboo found that the Yoboo Baby Refreshing Moisturizer can soothe baby’s skin by 30% within one hour upon application. In these tests, all of the participants reported immediate skin hydration, 96% said that the product relieved their baby’s skin dryness, while 88% said that redness was immediately reduced.

Yoboo Baby Moisturizer gel

Based on our experience, it definitely feels soothing and hydrating on skin after our first use. Our skin did feel soft after. There was no redness on my daughter’s skin to test it on, but I appreciated that it didn’t irritate her delicate skin. It was easy to smooth all over my daughter’s (and my) skin and easily absorbed, too. It had absolutely no scent.

Yoboo Baby Baby Cream

Yoboo OlivOat Baby Cream

My daughter’s after-shower and bedtime skincare is usually limited to body lotion, but she’s very pleased to add a new step and product: the OlivOat Baby Cream (40g, PhP799), an alcohol-free moisturizer enriched with glycerin (for retaining moisture), ceramide NP (which helps improve dry skin and reinforce the skin’s barrier strength), and urea to improve a baby’s skin resistance. It’s enriched with a blend of botanical extracts to improve various skin problems in babies, like dryness, sensitivity, and itchiness. It features a lecithin emulsified liquid crystal system, which is skin-friendly and easily absorbed, penetrating the skin quickly without burdening it. Tender and moisturizing, the cream promotes double barrier protection which enhances the skin’s defense. It has a very mild, almost negligible fresh scent, definitely non-irritating, which my daughter constantly gushes over.

Yoboo Baby Baby Cream pump

Aside from its moisturizing benefits, the OlivOat Baby Cream also has a unique dispensing feature which I love: By pressing the top of the bottle with at least one finger on each side at the same time, the cream will be dispensed at the top center of the cream outlet, which you can then swipe with a finger. (I’ve seen dispensers like this for nail polish remover at salons, but this is the first time I’ve seen a version of it in a skincare product and it’s pretty cool.) The nifty design ensures efficient dispensing, with no unnecessary leaks and spills (although a drop occasionally pops up high). What I like about the design, however, is it assures an equal amount of cream enough for every use and prevents secondary contamination.

It feels light on skin and made my daughter’s (and my) skin feel so soft after each use. My daughter loves applying it on her face and neck “like mommy.” Finally, she has her own moisturizer to apply on her face so she can stop begging to use my anti-aging one! (I don’t recommend using this on our face, though. It’s best to stick to our own targeted beauty products and leave these for babies and kids.)

Yoboo Baby Skincare set portrait

I like the travel-friendly size of both the cream and the moisturizer. They can fit inside my daughter’s day bag conveniently without the added weight and the bright orange packaging makes it easy to spot among all the other things inside.

My daughter and I both have sensitive skin but all products in the Yoboo Baby Skincare Gift Set seem mild enough to stay in her daily skincare and bath arsenal. It’s a great gift idea for babies and toddlers this upcoming holiday season, on birthdays, and for expecting mommies during baby showers.

The Yoboo Baby Skincare Gift Set is available in Shopee and Lazada for PhP1,199.00—you get to save PhP800 from its original PhP1,999 price tag. To learn more about Yoboo and its products, visit or the Yoboo – Philippines Official Facebook Page.

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