This global indoor multi-activity park from Finland combines an indoor playground with digital games in 21 high-energy activities from themed zones—now open in Eastwood City.
Featured | Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on October 29, 2023
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Ever since I became a mom, the search for new play areas for my toddler has become one of my ongoing missions. The area where we live does not really have a playground where she can play everyday, so whenever we can, we take her to playgrounds, whether around the metro or when we travel. Playgrounds are her favorite places in the world (more than theme parks at this age, haha).


Photo by Trixie Reyna

That’s why when we got invited to the launch of SuperPark, a global multi-activity park from Finland, which officially opens at the fourth level of Eastwood Mall today, October 29, we were so excited to be among the first to check out its three high-energy themed zones that will offer 21 diverse synergetic activities that people of all ages and fitness levels will enjoy. It’s now open daily during mall hours.

Megaworld’s 18.5-hectare Eastwood City township in Quezon City is SuperPark’s first Philippine location. Operated by Megaworld subsidiary Megapark Philippines, Inc., the new SuperPark Philippines will have two locations in Metro Manila, specifically in Eastwood City and McKinley Hills in Taguig.

SuperPark Philippines offers a unique experience for families looking for a day of fun and adventure, fitness buffs, and sports enthusiasts. With Finnish roots influencing its approach ever since it opened in Finland in 2012 and becoming globally acclaimed since 2017, SuperPark values delivering joy through active play, fostering social interaction, blending digital with physical movement, and investing in research.

SuperPark Thematic Zones

Renowned as “the world’s friendliest activity park,” SuperPark’s mission is to promote health, happiness, and a vibrant fitness culture in three thematic zones: Adventure Area, Game Arena, and Freestyle Hall.

1. Adventure Area

Photo by Trixie Reyna

Adventure Area is where kids and parents can have fun playing together in a multi-story playground with climbing structures and obstacles, a toddler’s ball game, and a digital wall—specifically Adventure City, Sliding Mountain, Funball, and TapWall.

In TapWall, participants will be tested on their reaction speed, memory power, and coordination. Funball, meanwhile, promises to be a hit attraction for kids—it is indeed one of my daughter’s favorite activities there—as it challenges their accuracy in shooting balls down pipes. But her hands-down favorites that she couldn’t get enough of are Adventure City, with its many slides and fun obstacles; and Sliding Mountain, where she enjoyed wall- and rope-climbing and then sliding down from the top.

2. Freestyle Hall


Guests can run around, jump on trampolines and airbags, immerse themselves in mixed-reality games, or scale digital climbing walls in the Freestyle Hall.

Adults and bigger kids can play on a professional-grade trampoline, complete with a giant airbag, which is safer and more hygienic than the usual foam pit. They can also try the Valo Jump, which comes complete with digital sensors and allows guests to bounce with plenty of missions. Visitors can also enjoy the Bagjump and Augmented Climbing Wall for some Augmented Reality (AR) fun.

This was actually the area my daughter looked forward to the most because she absolutely loves trampolines. However, they have an age and height limit, which she supposedly wasn’t able to meet because to them she looks shorter than 90cm (she’s actually already over 90cm, but they didn’t measure her—it would be good if they had a way to measure height). I did appreciate that they put safety first, and they apologetically explained to me why they couldn’t let little kids use them. She did try augmented wall climbing, and while she found it too high for her, she enjoyed watching players try to “tap out monsters” as they’re climbing (Whack-a-Bat).

3. Game Arena


The Game Arena has the most number of activities among the three sections of SuperPark Philippines. The sports-themed activities are fully augmented for a perfect mix of physical and digital prowess. Guests can engage in activities that enhance motor skills, improve balance and agility, and boost stamina, such as several sports games, digital parkour experiences, and a unique freeform mixed-reality game.


Photo courtesy of Trixie Reyna

Among the anticipated attractions in the Game Arena include Superball (where my family and I enjoyed throwing and kicking balls around), SkillHoop, iWall, Cyclobeat (where you get a good cycling workout while racing virtually with a friend), and ValoArena. There’s also Super Dash (where you can get a good workout while digitally running with companions), Super Pinball (which looks super fun—there was a long lineup for it during our visit that’s why we didn’t get to try it), Table Soccer, Air Hockey (one of my favorite arcade games since high school!), SisyFox (where you’re rolling a giant ball that controls a ball in a digital game), Subsoccer (an under-table, one-on-one football that looks super cute), Street Game Court, and Hotstepper.


Ticket prices

SuperPark Philippines tickets start at PHP200 for Junior Tickets (for guests whose height falls below 90cm; infants are free of charge) available all days of the week. Standard Tickets (for those with 90cm and above height) have a weekday rate of PHP650 from Monday to Thursday, and a “Superday” rate of PHP750 from Friday to Sunday, as well as public and school holidays. Special grip socks that are needed inside the venue are sold at PHP75 per pair.

You may purchase your tickets via the SuperPark website or pay over the counter upon arrival at the park’s reception area.

Some reminders


1. All children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult (18 years old and above) for entry.

2. All guests (adults and children) must wear SuperPark Grip Socks at all times while in the park. Being barefoot is not allowed. Ticket rates do not include the cost of SuperPark Grip Socks.

3. Athletics wear or gym outfit is recommended for optimum fun and comfort.

4. Bringing food and drinks from outside sources is not allowed—except for baby food with reasonable quantities. Guests however may be allowed to bring their own tumblers. Kindly note that vendo machines are available inside the park. (Also, it’s on the cinema floor, so there are lots of dining options outside the park.)

Check out the website for more info.

Celebrate birthdays and hold team buildings at SuperPark Philippines

SuperPark Philippines also offers ideal venues for gatherings such as parties and team-building activities, among others.

superpark-party room

Photo by Trixie Reyna

Experienced in hosting over 2000 party celebrations in various sizes, SuperPark boasts of having lots of unique “all-you-can-play” activities for birthday celebrants and their guests. A minimum of 15 people are needed to book at least one of their three party rooms.

Besides birthdays, Christmas parties are also sure to be unique and fun when held at SuperPark. The holiday season is the time for bonding and get-togethers among families and friends, and SuperPark is a great new venue to consider.

The park is also uniquely ideal for a SuperTeam Building. Activities come with a SuperSquad Challenge, where teams can decide the sequence of the tasks they wish to complete.

“We are thrilled to open the doors of SuperPark Philippines and share the joy and adventure that SuperPark is known for worldwide. Megaworld Lifestyle Malls has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life, representing our commitment to creating a world where everyone can experience the joy of movement and play,” shared Juha Tanskanen, CEO of SuperPark LTD.

“We are excited to introduce a new dimension of entertainment to our valued patrons at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls. SuperPark Philippines is set to be a flagship attraction at Eastwood City, providing a dynamic space for Filipinos to bond, play, and create unforgettable memories,” said Graham Coates, Head of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

Follow SuperPark on Facebook for more information and to avail special promos.

The rest of the photos courtesy of SuperPark Philippines

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