I’ve been hearing good things about Goli gummies, so I figured this Holy Week would be a good time to try them.
Featured | Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on March 27, 2024
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I’ve been so busy with work lately as Editor-in-Chief of KUBO.com.ph, a Philippine lifestyle website for Filipinos based abroad, enticing and inspiring them to come back home for a visit, to invest, to live, and/or retire here. That, and life as a full-time mom to a preschooler, too. This explains why I haven’t updated this blog in a while.

But because it’s Holy Week, I decided I can devote some time to myself—and to this blog, too. So why not hit two birds with one stone and share with you how I’ve been making some time for self-care in a long-delayed update on the blog?

Our family kicked off Holy Week with a wonderful staycation at Okada Manila, where my husband and I got to try a couple’s treatment at the Retreat Spa while my daughter played with her Lolo and Lola at Play, Okada’s activity area for kids. We then all went for a dinner buffet at Medley, where we also enjoyed breakfast buffet the following morning. Before checking out, we all spent time at the huge Okada pool.

Goli Gummies Okada main

I packed four different Goli gummies for our Okada staycation

I figured the staycation would also be a good time for me to start taking supplements, so I packed four bottles of Goli gummies that I have been planning to try for some time now. They had gummies for every aspect of self-care I wanted to give myself, so I thought I’d share with you here how I made them part of my daily routine for several days now, beginning with our Okada staycation. That way, you would know, too, how to incorporate them into your own lifestyle, whether you’re flying out to a new destination, road-tripping back to the province, or relaxing with a staycation at home or a nearby hotel or resort.

It’s important to keep our bodies strong and healthy, not just while enjoying this break, but every single day of our lives. So why not get started on this very simple supplements routine that you can adapt and tweak according to your lifestyle to help keep your body in tip-top shape.

For when you want to indulge in local cuisines at your destination—or on hotel buffets

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies

I popped two Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies before our breakfast buffet at Medley in Okada

Let’s admit it, part of the fun of hotel staycations is getting to indulge in breakfast or dinner buffets (or in my case, both, haha). But this doesn’t mean we should let go. Remember to pack Goli’s Apple Cider Vinegar gummies (PHP1,090) in your bag to help ease any tummy troubles. I take one to two gummies three times a day (I take it before meals) so I don’t over-indulge. I’ve actually tried Goli’s Apple Cider Vinegar gummies before, and this is already my second bottle of it; it’s my favorite Goli gummy. If you don’t like the taste of actual apple cider vinegar, this is a great and more enjoyable alternative because it takes out the extremely sour taste associated with apple cider vinegar.

If you’re traveling, this is a good supplement to pack, too. There’s lots of culinary treats to try, so go ahead and indulge, whether at a local destination or abroad. These gummies also help support a healthy immune system and overall good health. It’s made with vitamins B9 & B12 to support immune function and metabolism, and keep your digestion and gut health in check when traveling and trying different cuisines.

For catching up on some sleep—whether at home or on your staycation destination

Goli sleep

I popped two Goli Sleep gummies to fall asleep easily while staycationing at Okada

As a mom, I deal with a lot of anxiety. Long after my husband and daughter have fallen asleep, I would stay up until late, thinking about my child’s health and future—and also about work. And when I’m not sleeping in our own bed because we’re staycationing at a hotel, it’s extra hard to fall asleep. So I made sure to take two of Goli’s Extra-Strength Sleep gummies (PHP1,188) to slip into a restful slumber effortlessly. I’ve been taking it for several days now, and it really does help me get to sleep—and stay asleep. No more waking up in the middle of the night. This is my second favorite Goli gummy, also because I love the berry taste.

If you’re like me, the long weekend is the perfect time to kick back and catch up on sleep, whether you’re just at home or at a hotel. Calm a racing mind by unnplugging from technology. Dim the lights and take this gummy treat to help you unwind. With 10mg of melatonin, it promotes longer and more relaxed shut-eye to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make the most of your time off. And if you also happen to be going on a fast like I am, getting some shut-eye helps with fasting, as you’re asleep longer and fasting for a shorter period of time while awake.

For your road-trip back to the province or the beach—or just relaxing at a spa

Goli blue

I popped two Goli Ashwagandha gummies before our couple’s treatment at Okada’s Retreat Spa to double up my relaxation

The one thing that keeps me from traveling during Holy Week is the thought of getting stuck on the road along with everyone else traveling—whether to the airports, to the province, or to tourist destinations within driving distance. So my husband and I decided a couple’s spa treatment during our hotel staycation is as good enough as any trip if we just want to relax and unwind. I doubled up the chill by taking Goli’s Ashwagandha gummies (PHP1,188). I pop one to two of these stress-busters each day as my literal chill pills (gummies, rather).

It’s a great companion if you’re going on long drives and bracing yourself for some bumper-to-bumper action as people head back to spend the long weekend with their families. No matter how frustrating the traffic jam can be, take it easy with 1-2 of these gummies before you leave, turn on your favorite playlist, and stay cool, calm, and collected as you navigate the road and head to your province or beach destination.

For observing Holy Week practices, going on touristy activities—or just running after a child

Goli beets

I pop two Goli Beets gummies before taking my child to any activity, like swimming at Okada’s huge pool

Holy Week can be a busy time for different people. Maybe you’re the type to go on religious observances and activities at your parish or your province. Maybe you’re making the most of your trip abroad and just ticking off everything on your list of things to do and places to visit at your destination. Or maybe, like me, you’re stuck at home with a child, trying to fill her days with activities, from hitting the playground to swimming in the pool like we did during our hotel staycation.

For any of these, we can get a boost from Goli’s Beets Cardio Gummies (PHP1,188) as it helps keep our energy levels up throughout the day, acting as support for our immune system and energy production. Meant to support cardiovascular health and beat fatigue, just taking two of these gummies each day will help you be fully engaged in your chosen activity, be it Holy Week rituals like traveling from one church to another for Visita Iglesia, participating in Stations of the Cross, or observing other Lenten practices; going from one tourist spot to another in another country; or chasing after a child at the playground or in the pool.

Regardless of what you’re doing this long weekend and others that will follow, your health and wellness should be a priority. By incorporating Goli into your routine, you get an added boost to stay healthy, energized, and ready for what’s to come.

Goli is available in Watsons, Look, Lazada, and Shopee. Check out these links to start shopping.

All photos by Trixie Reyna, taken at Okada Manila

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