Make the most of your points by redeeming a Viu Premium Subscription, GCash credit, shopping vouchers, and more!
Fun Stuff | By Trixie Reyna on March 21, 2021
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Globe Rewards March 2021 points

While we’re all feeling the itch to travel, hit the malls to shop, and even just dine out, the best thing to do is still stay at home. But this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy at least a version of these activities while staying safe in the comforts of our home. With a little creativity—and the right apps!—we can reinvent adventures at home.

Globe Rewards landing page

One of my new normal daily habits is browsing the Globe Rewards app for deals I can purchase using my Globe Rewards points. After ignoring the SMS alerts I receive about my ever-increasing amount of points from being a Globe Postpaid (and eventually Platinum) subscriber, I one day decided to check out the Globe Rewards app that’s just been sitting idle on my phone to see what I my points are good for. I was instantly hooked!

Globe Rewards All Rewards list

You’ll be surprised just how many deals you can redeem using your Globe Rewards points—and you can enjoy so many of them right at home. Besides the Globe Promos, you can use your Rewards for shopping, dining, travel, and even to donate. And did I mention they have such awesome digital vouchers? Allow me to talk about some of my faves—and by this I mean the vouchers I keep redeeming.

Globe Rewards Digital Vouchers list

My family and I can’t travel to South Korea now, but with all the K-dramas and K-movies my husband and I have been watching on Viu, it does feel like we’re exploring Korea. Because of this, Seoul is at the top of our list of travel destinations once the pandemic is over, but in the meantime, I’m glad I have Globe Rewards I can use to avail a Viu Premium Subscription. Browse other entertainment and even travel rewards (for the future!) on the app.

Globe Rewards Viu Premium Subscription

For only 15 points, you can get a 3-day Viu Premium Subscription—enough to watch popular Korean movies (like the Oscar-winning Parasite) and binge K-dramas. And if three days aren’t enough, you can just keep redeeming this reward every three days until you finish the K-drama you’re currently watching. (This is exactly what I’m doing now to finish the latest series of oppa Lee Dong Wook, Tale of the Nine Tailed, heehee.)

Globe Rewards Viu Premium Subscription SMS

A code will be sent to you via SMS after you redeem the reward. Just enter this code on the Viu app when you click on the options to upgrade to a Viu Premium Subscription.

Globe Rewards Digital Vouchers shopping

Another thing my Globe Rewards points let me do at home? Shop! My favorite things to redeem are GCash credits and Lazada, Zalora, and Shopee vouchers. Bet you didn’t know you get this many deals and freebies from Globe Rewards! Some of them you can even send as gifts.

Globe Rewards Lazada redeem

You can get a P500 Lazada or Zalora voucher for 500 points, P300 Lazada or Zalora voucher for 300 points, and P100 Lazada or Shopee voucher for 100 points. If, like me, you enjoy doing retail therapy without having to get up from your bed or couch, these are the perfect vouchers to redeem with your Globe Rewards points. For other shopping deals and vouchers, check out all the available rewards under the Shopping category.

Globe Rewards GCash rewards list

But what I most often redeem are GCash credits because, well, GCash is life! In the new normal, GCash can get you access to everything you need online (from buying load to shopping and ordering food) without having to use a credit card, do online banking, or, God forbid, withdraw cash from the ATM or your bank. There are several GCash vouchers you can avail: 10 GCash coins for 10 points, P20 GCash Credits for 20 points, and P30 GCash Credits for 30 points.

Globe Rewards GCash credit

I often redeem the P30 GCash Credits reward because it’s the most amount of GCash Credits available for redemption on Globe Rewards. Note that you can only redeem a total of five rewards per day, so if P30 GCash Credits are the only rewards you’ll redeem for a day, you can get as much as P150 additional GCash Credits from your rewards. Cool, huh?

Globe Rewards GCash credit SMS and limit

Globe Rewards up to 5 redemptions only

So download the Globe Rewards app here, regularly check what deals you can redeem, and make the most of your points! Don’t forget to use your Globe Rewards points earned in 2020 now, before they expire on March 31, 2021. You can check how many points will be expiring by then on the app, too. Click your points on the home page, then “Show more” on Regular Points to see when your points will expire.

Globe Rewards points expiry

Tip: Make sure to check out what new deal is up for grabs for lower points every Flash Deal Wednesdays!

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