POST UPDATED with my review of Aller Plasma Nano+. If you still go out and about, consider getting one to keep in your car or purse.
Featured | Me Time | By Trixie Reyna on April 4, 2021
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have been turned upside-down and the things we have always done have changed, our daily must-haves along with them. Now, we care less for bags, shoes, and clothes because we’re stuck at home most days anyway, and when we do go out, we’re in full battle gear. What we’d rather have are pretty masks that actually provide protection, designer PPEs, and different sorts of hand and surface sanitizers in different scents, as long as they all kill viruses and bacteria.

There’s one more item we may want to add to our daily must-have and protective arsenal in our car or purse when we head out: the Aller Plasma Nano+, a sleek, compact, portable air purifier and surface sterilizer. And because I really wanted it, I eventually got one.


The Aller Plasma Nano+ makes use of Cold Plasma technology that can supposedly kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in the air and surfaces within an enclosed 70L container in only 15 minutes. It can reportedly also sterilize a space of up to 30 cubic meters (roughly the size of a small room) within an hour. It is perfect for those who work from home or live in small condo units. The unit has two modes: eco and enhanced. The eco mode is used for sterilizing cars, while the enhanced mode (my often used mode) is used for sterilizing storage bins and small rooms. It supposedly only takes about 30 minutes to fully sterilize a car, which is perfect for people who are always on the go.


With this in mind, it has found a permanent spot in our bedroom’s bedside table, and I even take it with me whenever we go on hotel staycations. It’s also always in the car in the rare times we go out with our baby for pedia appointments. And while we haven’t had the chance to do so again, I know it will also be in my luggage when we finally get to travel, especially since it doesn’t take up much space. It’s so portable and convenient to bring anywhere we go, always giving me that sense of protection that I can sanitize the air and surfaces wherever I go.

As a mom of a one-year-old toddler, I love how the Aller Plasma Nano+ can be used to sterilize toys, groceries (before you even bring these into your home), and all other surfaces my now walking toddler can possibly touch. Moms like me would love that it can sanitize any place toddlers can wander off to, especially if they’re such explorers like mine. There’s no way to test if it protects against COVID-19, but I sure hope our home (and any place we go to, for that matter) remains COVID-free, especially when we have this in tow.

It has a built-in battery that takes only two hours to charge and the unit can be used wirelessly for up to three hours. You can use it wirelessly or while it is plugged, so when you go out and do your errands, go to the office, attend a meeting, or travel, you have an extra layer of protection (and added peace of mind) when you have this with you. However, according to the manual, it’s better to keep it plugged while in use, except when you’re using it to sterilize a small enclosed space where you can’t plug it, like your bag or luggage.

The Aller Plasma Nano+ is easy to use—just plug and play. Attach the power cord and give the power button a long press. It is that simple. Along with a blinking light on the power button (red for enhanced mode, green for eco mode), it has a soft hissing sound that lets you know it’s in use, and it seems to give off that smell that I associate with the use of UV sterilizers (we have several of these in different sizes). The Aller Plasma Nano+ is supposedly safe for people, pets, and even plants. It is also eco-friendly as it does not use any filters or any secondary pollutants. It’s so practical and convenient because there’s no filter that needs replacement or maintenance. Not only does it save me so much time and spare me the trouble and effort, it also saves us money.

When we use the Aller Plasma Nano+, the air feels and smells cleaner. I also sniffle and cough less when it’s on, which means it’s helping me manage my allergy to dust and smoke that’s part of life here in the farm where we live. It may be psychosomatic, but at least it does lessen my allergic rhinitis symptoms, so I’m not complaining.

The Aller Plasma Nano+ comes in three colors. Space Grey is a cool, understated color that will blend in well with the interiors of a car or any room. This is the color of the Aller Plasma Nano+ we have, and I like that hindi ito dumihin (it doesn’t easily get dirty). There’s also Winter White, perfect for those who love going minimalist, even with appliances, furniture, and accessories. It will go really well in a minimalist car and purse. The Limited Edition Gold is great for those who love gorgeous, luxurious-looking things, even those that keeps them safe and protected.

The Aller Plasma Nano+ is priced at P6,000.00 per unit and can be purchased through their online shop at

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